When the word, “Core”, is thrown around, most assume that it is the abdominal muscles and that means a lot of crunches or Pilates type movements. However the core musculature involves the entire torso and it’s connection to the limbs. A strong, stable, core, not only protects the back, but increases athleticism. There is a saying, ‘proximal stability and distal mobility’. Basically movement is enhanced with adequate core strength.

To add sex to the mix sounds adult in nature and it certainly is. However by increasing the strength and endurance of certain muscle groups, it can prevent or improve age related changes in fitness and form that dimishes quality, quantity and duration of sex. This article in no way will address hormonal changes. That is a subject for you and your physician.

There will be different sets of exercises for each sex. Of course men and women have the same muscle groups. However the variations in the core movements will seem somewhat logical when viewed and explained.

For the men, the drills are a bit more vigorous or, “Yang”, in nature.

  1. Pull Ups. This exercise is developmental and diagnostic. I’ll sound cruel here, but there are two reasons you cannot do pull ups. Too weak or too heavy. So if from the start these are impossible, you need to follow a fat reduction and strength training program to get you to the minimum. I’d suggest you start with, ‘Armor of War’, a book I’ve written that uses the bare minimum to achieve the maximum. https://www.tomfurman.com/product/armor-war-augmented-bodyweight-training/  Pull ups develop the upper back, biceps, and forearms. They assist in any upper body pulling movement. The way to employ them is to do them throughout the day at a doorway chinning bar for a few repetitions, or with a concentrated program like Armor of War, to focus on both strength and increases in muscle size.
  2. Dynamic Planks. Most everyone has seen a plank in media. It means to hold your body, “plank-like”, with the tail tucked and shoulders packed. The abdominal wall and surrounding muscles are stiffened isometrically to build endurance. This exercise is done for duration rather than repetition. Dynamic planks shift the support from palms to forearms.

3. Tiger Bend Push Up. This is tough one, but again, if you can do it, or train to do it, the rewards are better sex and a leaner, stronger, body. Basically it is a triceps intensive push up, moving from palm to forearm in one slick move.

4. Cat/Cow. The spinal must be stable, but also supple. This old yoga movement maintains youthful action of the torso and hips. I’d suggest doing this several times per day.

5. Kettlebell Swing. The hinging of the hips or pelvic thrust must be trained for endurance. This part of the anatomy, along with others, atrophies with age and lack of use. Kettlebell swings are both simple and hugely effective.

6. Reverse Lunge. The reverse lunge builds leg strength, maintains or increases flexibility and enhances lower body endurance. Using only bodyweight this drill is convenient. With added weight, such as a barbell, it’s very potent.

To apply this to your training, I’d suggest a format of these exercises performed at the end of your normal strength or endurance workout. They can be done in a straight sequence or even done as a circuit. Don’t complicate it.

Pullups – 3 sets to failure of form or follow, Armor of War guidelines.

Dynamic Plank -30-90 seconds.

Tiger Bend Push Up – 3 sets to failure of form.

Cat/Cow – 8 to 10 slow repetitions

Kettlebell Swing – 100 reps broken in to sets of 10 to 20.

Reverse Lunge – Sets of 10 per leg until failure of form.

Now for the ladies. The exercises are similar, but different. Some will be familiar and some won’t. 

1  Frog Stretch. This is an intense stretch of the adductor group muscles. Care must be taken to follow this very detailed video correctly. Done properly, this is very effective.

2. Squeezing Bridge. A bridging exercise strengthens the buttocks, low back and actively causes the hip flexors to move through a full range of motion. All of these can improve the Core of Sex.

3. Supine Suspension Row. Using a suspension apparatus allows us to do supine rows at various angles to accomodate differences in starting strength and individual leverage. As well, this works the latissimus muscle and enhances the hour glass shape that women desire.

4. Prying Goblet Squat. Perhaps the best exercise of the bunch or most bang per the buck, [no pun intended], is the Prying Goblet Squat. Usually a kettlebell us used, but a dumbbell held goblet style will suffice. This is not about pure strength, but rather activating and mobilizing the legs and hips. The restoration of movement can turn back the clock physically and sexually. 

5. Forearm Downdog. This variation of the popular yoga exercise is more intense. You may have to start with shorter holds and move to longer ones at the beginning.

Adding these movements to your workout can best be done by putting them at the end of either strength or endurance training. Doing them warm and slightly fatigued will force you to focus on form and alignment. I’d suggest for ladies to do them in sequence and with perfect mechanics. 

Frog Stretch. Follow the video carefully. DO NOT push into pain. Learn to relax and breath. This is a severe stretch which I would only do twice per week. 

Squeezing Bridge can be done daily for holds of 30-60 seconds. If you do it as part of your warm down as I have mentioned, do several sets of 5 repetitions and 5 second holds.

Suspine Suspension Row. Do 3 sets to failure of form. Keep an accurate measurement by foot position of your angle. This can be can be altered as you gain strength.

Prying Goblet Squat. Again, 3 sets to fatigue. This is not an all out strength movement, but designed to increase or restore the range of motion in the hips. 

Forearm Down Dog. Holds of 15 seconds in the beginning and working your way up to 30 and 60 second holds. 

Cardiovascular fitness enhances sexuality and reduces the fear of lack of potency. Always seek the best advice and by all mean, check with your physician before starting any exercise program. My book, “Train For Life”, contains the Ultimate Aerobic Protocol. I’d highly suggest it. https://www.tomfurman.com/product/train-for-life/

If you are greatly out of shape or overweight, Online Fitness Coaching may be an option. I provide this service and my support and advice is as close as your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Contact me at physicalstrategies@gmail.com for pricing.

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