Let me say this book is pretty amazing. Within the compliment I have reservations. First off, it is over 600 pages. Not crappy, black and white photos of boys and girls in ill fitting active wear demonstrating sit ups,.. but charts, graphs, illustration on almost every page. I have said it before and will say it again, Dragondoor’s quality has gone UP incredibly. The books are very, very, well crafted, great art design, superior photography and edited well. Even if the content is not exactly what you agree with, they are nice additions to your collection.

This book involves empowering you to understand some health issues and how to deal with them. Proactive behavior is great in theory, hard in practice. Years ago after talking with a high level medical researcher about my fitness and diet practices, he said, “You are right about everything, but with patients it’s about adherence. That is where humans fail. Based on that, I can’t have people “check out” on my watch.” Regardless, more books that address prevention and application are needed. Taking responsibility for one’s health has to be a priority.

Here is the breakdown. I’ll keep this brief and not add more reading in case you buy the 600 page monster.

What was good – Art design, thoroughness, illustrations were incredible, included a vast source of data about health, nutrition, exercise and application. It’s worth buying the Kindle or adding to your coffee table book collection.

What I didn’t like – A bit of “new age” stuff on gluten and inflammation being the source of bad hair pieces and Third World Debt. I’m sure most health issues are multifactorial and not singular. However books create debate. Debate is good.

 Based on going through this heavyweight source.. I’d say buy it if you are a fan of taking control of your outcomes. Some items could be debated, but that is positive. Better to have open discussion than closed minds.

Strong Medicine How to Conquer Chronic Disease—And Achieve Your Full Genetic Potential By Dr. Chris Hardy and Marty Gallagher
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