“Hypocrite – A person who professes certain ideals, but fails to live up to them.”

We live in a world of abundance. An incredible time that could only be fathomed by science fiction writers and visionaries. But such abundance, convenience and safety is bad. We are somehow supposed to work for centuries to advance our group/tribe or the individual, only disdain the fruits of our labor. As if being rich, healthy, nourished, safe and happy is a bad [immoral] thing. We should somehow hate what we’ve become.

I for one, welcome our technology and science overlords. I still dream of Transporters and Starships. I think each bend of life’s river is a Brave New World.

Take a simple bottle of water. A fairly modern invention. Do you doubt me? Look at photos of the Jack Dempsey-Jess Willard fight. It’s in 1919, JULY4, in Toledo, Ohio. Estimate of temperature is over 100 degrees with between 80,000 and 100,000 in attendance.  There are LOTS of straw hats. Not too many Fiji Water bottles in evidence. How can that be? How can humans not walk around with a water bottle?

So we have this wonderful convenience of portable, clean, water, which certain parts of the earth don’t, yet now it’s a BAD thing? Why is it bad? Here is an experiment. Get into your car on a hot day and take a swig of lukewarm water from the bottle resting in your cup holder. The person next to you will yell, “Don’t drink that!!! It’s poison!!! Somehow they believe that a few ounces of water in a mildly warm, plastic bottle is toxic. Yes, the very water that any impoverished child would beg for on the other side of the planet is loaded with Xenoestrogens and plastic byproducts that have been converted by ultraviolet radiation to a toxic soup guaranteed to drop your testosterone levels from 911 to zero. Your testicles will be shrinking faster than Gary Busey looking for a restroom at the House of Blues. All from a sip of water! So there is a worldwide water shortage, but water is BAD.

“Human beings are a species splendid in their array of moral equipment, tragic in their propensity to misuse it, and pathetic in their constitutional ignorance of the misuse.” – R. Right

If you have ever traveled in the Western US, there can be miles between gas stations. Such gas stations are outfitted with bathrooms, sometimes showers, and most certainly food, coffee, microwaves, tables, chairs, etc. I think this is fantastic. It’s convenient and makes travel fun. You can essentially have a full meal at a gas station and wash/change clothes. But this is bad because fuel companies are bad. Big Oil is evil. How can that be? You all drive cars that use fuels based on oil, don’t you? If Big Oil is so evil, why do you embrace it and the convenience it gives to your life? Doesn’t your motorcycle and boat use oil too? I thought Global Warming and Climate change were a product of man’s obnoxious desire and greed for more. So if you are owning or driving a car, aren’t you part of the problem? I mean you can choose between a melting polar cap and a Ferrari, can’t you?

“So convenient a thing is it to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to do.” — Benjamin Franklin

There seems to be this double edged sword where if a product or service is designed and it benefits us, then something is not right. We simply can’t accept that microwaves or heart bypass surgery or pizza is fine. We have to do one thing and say another. We use it quietly, but condemn it publicly. Examples you ask? Sure,..

  • Golden Rice is a Genetically Modified Organism. It is high in Vitamin A. I didn’t know this till recently but an average of 670,000 children under age 5 die each year of Vitamin A deficiency. The promise of Golden Rice is to reverse this. For those who HATE anything GMO,.. I hope you fall asleep to the cries of those children.
  • Insulin for Diabetics. We formerly used pig insulin which can cause allergies. Now we use Humulin, which is a GMO. So if GMO’s are all bad and should not be allowed, what do we do with Diabetics? What about Juvenile Diabetics?
  • Gluten is bad. This is a great statement. A test to see HOW bad it is could be constructed by getting a group of people around FREE pizza. As strongman Mark Henry said, “The only thing better than food is FREE food!” The fact is that  the same people who will condemn a really good food that nourishes a large part of the planet,will jump at a chance to stuff their pie-hole for free.
  • Big Pharma is the devil. Yes they are. They have lobbyists and supposedly withhold cures for cancer [cancer is a generic term]. Then again, after having GMO-free, GLUTEN-free, PESTICIDE-free, lunch at Whole Foods, the family will jump into their gas guzzling SUV, drink from their Fiji Water bottles, [where did the H-Bomb get tested at by the way?] and head off  to the hospital. They are going to see Grandma who has ovarian cancer. However she’s receiving chemotherapy that just passed FDA approval [we KNOW how evil they are!] that has improved remission rate from 70% to 90%. That means Grandma is going to live and get to be a Great Grandma. But remember, Big Pharma is evil.
  • Vaccinations and Immunizations are deadly. It is so because you read it somewhere on the internet. You saw a meme on Facebook. Because Government, particularly the US government is evil and controlling. But fear can change that. Ebola has hit the shores. Now you are thinking about a Zombie Apocalypse for REALZ! “Do something!” you yell. Don’t they have secret government labs and Captain America to handle this stuff? I mean,.. I didn’t vaccinate my children because the ladies in my drumming circle told me NOT to, but the evil Ebola will kill us. I want a shot or pill to protect me and my kids!
  • The internet and smartphones have changed the way we interact. We don’t talk anymore. Well, yeah,.. you are right. I have friends all over the earth right now. Some I’ve never met. I talk to them all the time. Email, messaging, Skype, text. It’s just another tool. The idea of it being different is correct, but telephones changed everything. So did messengers and the pony express. Why is Skype bad or impersonal and Pheidippides, the first marathon runner/messenger good? You applaud the heroic history of Greece, yet hate how often people glance at their phones? What’s the difference? People were glancing at the horizon for messengers thousands of years ago. Was that impersonal?
  • Artificial Sweeteners will kill you,.. so I’ve been told. They do bad things to your gut and they are neurotoxic. In fact at recent visit to Starbucks I was ready to tear open some packets of Equal to sweeten the expensive coffee. A woman saw me and yelled, “DON’T!! I think she even locked and loaded her Glock 19 at my temple. As I carefully turned to face her, I found out that her forehead did not move. AT ALL! Apparently it was injected with Botulinum toxin. Essentially a biological weapon. [ http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=193600 ] So this woman has a chemical that eradicate life as we know it on planet earth, festering in her forehead and I’m Satan for having damn cup of coffee with Equal?

But since it is much harder to be fair than to seem fair, and since laziness is built deep into human nature, humans more often choose appearance over reality. -Machiavelli

The point is that we speak one way and act another. Food manufacturers make food taste good. I know that is shocking. Yet they are bad since we can’t say “NO!” to an Oreo Instead of one or two, we eat a tractor trailer full of them. We can blame the cookie companies, not our lack of will.

We have supplement companies that claim the FDA is evil, yet when an outbreak of salmonella takes place, it’s the FDA and government agencies that warn us. Certainly if we eliminate the FDA, these supplement companies will take over inspection of meat, produce, drugs, livestock, etc.

In China, I believe, there is a limit to the amount of children you can have. Try that in the USA. No one tells us what to do. But we have an exploding population. It needs to be fed. How are they going to be fed?

According to a very vocal group of US Citizens-

  • Vaccinations are bad.
  • Wheat is bad. Probably corn and soy too.
  • Meat has bad hormones in it.
  • Chicken has bad hormones in it.
  • Fish has mercury in it.
  • Pesticides are deadly. We have to let insects eat all our veggies. Bye bye Caesar Salad!
  • Big Oil is bad. That means no cars or only electric vehicles.
  • Big Pharma is bad. No medicine. EVER.
  • No preservatives. Shelf life will be cut dramatically. Better shop fast and bring a gun to the store. We’ve all seen the post hurricane footage of looting for food with firearms.
  • All TV, except government supported educational TV is bad and reduces intelligence.
  • The internet and smartphones make us a bunch of impersonal worker drones.
  • Water bottles create poisonous water.

So according to this, most of you will not be eating, drinking, calling, driving, taking medicine, watching TV or using your phone/computer.


Humans tend to judge others by their behavior, but think they have special information about themselves – that they know what they are “really like” inside – and thus effortlessly find ways to explain away selfish acts, and maintain the illusion that they are better than others. –  Epley, N. (2000-12-01). Feeling “Holier Than Thou”. Journal of personality and social psychology, 79(6), 861-875.

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