My wife, children and I have lost a great friend, Dr. Jack Kahn, of Hollywood, Florida. We met him in 1981. He took care of us, and many, many, many, many, friends. There was no one else like him, there will be no one like him. His diagnostic abilities, charisma, sense of humor, amazing stories, quiet strength, compassion, finesse, resiliency, and relentless love of life set him apart from us mere mortals. He adjusted and advised my wife, Cindy, and myself. A few months later he gave us our blood tests for our marriage. He was the first to handle my home born son, Shane, shortly after the midwife’s left. He visited us when a traditional Jewish Mohel, circumcised my son. (We are Catholic, this is a common practice in home births.) In fact, Dr. Kahn threw the Mohel on our dining room table to adjust his neck after a complaint of “stiffness”.

There are only two types of people on this earth. Those who have met Jack Kahn, and those who have not. My family and I are in the first group and our life is much richer because of it.
The Furman family offers their deepest sympathy to the Kahn Family. Cindy and I have lost our second Father.

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