Armwrestling Legend Maurice “Mo” Baker versus Big Jim Williams of Powerlifting fame. It seems that any mortal man would be foolish to challenge what many consider the strongest bench presser in history. Williams benched 675 in a t-shirt and did over 700 in a gym. Add on his heroic squat and deadlift poundaged and you get a big, scary, guy. Maurice Baker however was a life long armwrestler and built his strength through heavy work. He was a laborer all his life and according to Mo,..” I had my strength burned into me at a young age.” Baker regularly lifted 110lb bars of steel and manipulated them into various machinery in the mill where he worked. He never lifted weights other than using a wristroller occasionally. Lots of arm bending and good old fashion heavy work molded one of the most powerful armwrestlers in history.

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