I have been very fortunate in the response I have gotten from my first DVD Production. Here are just some of the comments.

“Who should get this?
If you’re an MA guy who pursues S&C as a means to improve your MA game, this is a good DVD to have.
I sort of feel like this is MA conditioning + Resilient-like exercises + an introductory exposure to SE Asian MA.
I’ve seen Resilient and learned a trick or two, but Tom’s stuff was so good I immediately changed up my joint mobility work to revolve around his stick JM demonstrations. They were that good and they seemed to get the areas I’ve been missing. (I normally do a lot of JS work and Tom’s stick stuff was every bit as valuable IMO) The ‘flexibility stunt’ is awesome . . . something worth doing a lot of for shoulder ROM.”

—-cqc10, www.Fullkontact.com forum

“I have now watched it 4 times, and it is really good, best training vid I’ve seen in a long time.
The way he integrates MA and Fitness is a step in the right direction,and he has alot of unique KB drills, and some neat KB adaptions of DB and Machine moves.
The quality is excellent!”

—–Dylan Thomas, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Aikijujutsu Practitioner

“This is really an excellent DVD- well worth every penny I paid for it! The DVD contains a nice blend of mobility drills, combat- specific training/conditioning exercises, and some great info on combat applications (which I had never seen before). I’m very glad that I added this to my DVD library!”

—-WBRKC, www. Fullkontact.com forum

“Just got the video today and got a chance to watch a few scenes–good stuff! Really appreciate you sending it–the team will enjoy them too, I am sure. I really liked some of your drills, especially the finger dexterity with the stick–genius.”

—–“S”, Blackwater group.

“I received my copy of Tom Furman’s “Concrete Conflict and Conditioning” DVD a few weeks ago, and have had a chance to watch the entire video.
Those of you who know me will be surprised that I actually watched a video on fitness.

The fact is that I DID watch the DVD entirely.

The result – it has motivated my wife and I to drag out the kettlebells again. A testimony to the objective of any fitness video.

I think the main difference of this DVD is the choice of exercises Tom has chosen. He is mindful of addressing the athlete who is undergoing recovery from injury and rehabilitation. Which means that most of the routines do not have the “jolting” or “jarring” moves that some sets have. Something that really appealed to me.

I have most Kettlebell DVD’s available, yet there are one or two routines there that I haven’t seen, and have adopted as mainstay to my regime…..and believe me it’s very simple.

But there are also routines which do away with kettlebells……I’m just a kettlebell fan.

Tom also covers a section where he translates common martial arts moves to exercise and how one relates to the other. Very interesting.

Has the DVD been of benefit to me?

Well. I’m cursing those solid balls of steel with the handles again, and have lost a few kilos.”

——Ray Floro, Floro Fighting Systems

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