First off, let’s realize that Max Shank is a genetic stud. A lot of the time, those who win the genetic lottery need to not work hard or they are lousy coaches. I’ll be blunt. Max is a HARD worker and he’s a very good, articulate, coach. The Ultimate Athleticism package presents Max’s ideas on how to improve your ability to do anything. It’s not specific. It is groupings of exercises that have the most carryover, in Max’s estimation, to developing that movement. Within those groups, Max gives a progression from basic to advanced. It is very, clearly, delineated. Then he gives a template to combine those movements into workouts. He is very specific and nothing is taken for granted. When you move through the steps, you are essentially  developing strength and ability that has the biggest bang per buck. It’s not so much about minimalism as it is about efficiency.

What I liked — Just about everything. The total package of book, videos, etc is just thought out. The writing style is CLEAR and layout is professional. I’d say this is a worthwhile investment. If a teen athlete just focused on this.. he’d have a foundation that would be rock solid.

What I didn’t like — Not much. The thing that is distracting is to see Max do Thai Boxing, press two 106lb kettlebells, practice Muay Thai + Brazilian Jiujitsu and perform difficult bodyweight feats. He appears superhuman. He certainly can’t guarantee you will do all these things and doesn’t. As they say with any process, “Your mileage may vary”.

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I’ll end this review with a picture of Max from his prison days. [Photoshoot in Alcatraz for Convict Conditioning]

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