” One of my instructor’s Stephen Chan (who also does Tactical Krav Maga), brought along an interesting “tool” for todays lesson.

It is an electronic gauge to measure reaction and speed.

Usually used in his IPSC shooting. The gauge lets out a loud beep (randomly timed), a clock then starts till a loud sound then turns it off.

I have a wooden dummy sufficient to make a sound for it to register the clock to stop.

Basically it measures your reaction time.

We started with a knife tucked in our belt, hand on the knife, then as fast as we could, when the beep sounded, we thrust the knife face height to a target about 3 feet away.

Best time I did (which was my third attempt) was 0.35 seconds.

Very interesting as Stephen told me that the time for an average human to react and process information is 0.25 seconds. ” ——– Ray Floro

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