The MBody Strength Kettlebell Back Pack was sent to me for evalution by Marcus Martinez, the owner of MBody Strength. Usually, the first reaction is, “Why not just throw your kettlebells in any back pack?” Well the truth is, I have. I own a heavy duty Targus back pack that I have been using for quite a while. It doesn’t work too effectively. Most mornings I am off training clients and my back pack is stuffed full of kettlebells, jumpstretch bands, focus mitts, and wooden daggers. The lack of support and weak construction of the Targus back was having an effect on my shoulders and on the back pack. I’m sure a higher end back pack could with standing around seventy pounds of iron, but the ‘bells would still shift around and that takes it’s toll as well. 
Enter the MKB or “MBody Kettlebell Backpack”.  I had my suspicions, truthfully whether this would be just a fancy way to carry training gear, or an actual training tool. I was happy on both accounts. It is not a miracle device, it has some shortcomings, but overall, it’s a GREAT idea, especially if you like outdoor training.
What is great-
  • Super Heavy Duty Construction throughout. Very high quality material
  • Heavy padding
  • The foam inserts inside are of high quality. No cheap styrofoam
  • The external straps and belt are very adjustable. Strong buckles too
  • Interior rigging to hold the bells is sold and strong
  • It stands up to abuse 
  • The shoulder straps have adequate width for arm movements
  • The waist strap fits very well on the hips

What could be improved-

  • A way to stack another insert to carry one bell higher
  • Possibly more padding in the shoulders. It’s great at 24 kilos, but 32 kilos gets more interesting
  • Perhaps a few more pockets on the outside
  • The internal pocket was a bit shallow
  • The meshed side pocket could be a bit bigger

For day to day use by anyone dragging around their kettlebells or clubbells, this is a nice piece of gear and I’d imagine it would make a good gift to anyone who trains with less conventional gear.

As far is as use as a training tool, I’m enjoying the MKB quite a bit. It is not a weighted vest. If you are looking for a snug fitting training tool to use during all push ups, sit ups, running and pull ups, I’d strongly suggest MBody’s weight vests. However there are some unique advantages to the MKB. When you strap yourself into it, the weight of the kettlebell forces a slight forward lean. You essentially you have to maintain a “plank” with your abdominal wall bracing. This has a great effect on creating and improving the mesh of muscles on the torso. The MKB also requires an adaptation in balance. This has a nice effect during walking lunges, hostage get ups, step ups on park benches, and even stretching on railings. You are essentially walking with weighted load. You can go through a lower body series after hiking or walking for half an hour, then unload the pack for snatches and jerks. Then reload and hike home. It’s much better training outdoors than indoors and minimalist training feels much better than a music filled cavern with exercise machines and predigested air.
Another advantage is hiking or walking barefoot, or with shoes that mimic the barefoot experience. The strengthening effect on the feet is remarkable. You will feel it throughout your body.

In conclusion, the MBody Kettlebell Backpack is not a necessary piece of gear, but a really nice addition for training outdoors or just lugging around the training toys that roll around in the back of your SUV. At 149 dollars, it’s not a huge investment. Check it out at

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