This is a fascinating article on men who befriend Baboon, Hyenas, and participate in physical combat.
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Four reasons why you should not get chummy with a hyena.

1. “A hyena could eat you in five minutes—totally make you disappear. I’ve seen them make a zebra disappear, an enormous animal going from a living, running, breathing creature to a bloody patch on the ground.”

2. “Females have very heavily masculinized behavior. The female has a clitoris that’s a fully erectile pseudo-penis through which she urinates, copulates, and gives birth.”

3. “Hyenas have jaws that can crunch up anything imaginable. I’ve seen one take the tailpipe off my Toyota Land Cruiser.”

4. “I was involved in a court case in Bot­swana where a hyena ate an American kid, who apparently let a hyena into his tent. The hyena ate his head. He ate the kid’s head.”

Kay E. Holekamp is a professor at Michigan State and one of the world’s foremost hyena experts.

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