Here are the 5 reason you should schedule a phone consultation. 

1. You are overweight and nothing has worked.

2. You want to achieve your goals and haven’t so far.

3. You do not want to age prematurely.

4. You are overwhelmed with training and diet information.

5. You have no time to waste, but want incredible results.

If you’d like to have a phone consultation, email me at

Include your reason for seeking consultation, phone number, and the best time to speak. Once we agree on a date and time you’ll simply deposit money into my Paypal account.

Please have a list of questions and method of taking notes. We will be covering the topics with as much detail as possible.


$75 for a 30-minutes.
$125 for a 60-minutes.

All consultation calls shall apply to enrollment into online training. That’s right, I’ll subtract the cost of telephone consultation from the first month of training with me. Schedule NOW.

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Get Hard.

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