“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”– Albert Einstein

While the change is hardly the contrived, photoshopped and phony “before and after” shots in magazines, this is real.

Client is Physician, age 56.

Here are the changes-

Height – 5′ 6″

Starting body weight -162 lbs

Body weight at 7 weeks – 150.5 [Loss of 11.5 pounds]

Starting waist – 34″

Waist at 7 weeks – 31.5″ [loss of 2.5 inches]

All exercises are currently much stronger than before. This man is on the Armor of War program listed on this page. No expensive, crowded gyms or exotic equipment. No worthless food supplements. No hours of training. Just focused on progression, minimalism and sound technique. Below is his list of “mileage”. If he can do it, so can you. Train for Life.

Old left brachioradialis injury.
Prior medial/lateral epicondylitis.
Right medial menisectomy 2004.
Partially torn right ACL–no surgery. Knee is stable.
Bilateral ac joint, gleno-humeral joint arthritis/torn.
Femoral impingement syndrome bilateral (congenital).


Get Tough
Get Hard.

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