To use the words “thorough” would be the understatement of the last four centuries”
I received Josh Hillis’ System Six last week. My usual method is to read through the ebook and then take some notes,.. perhaps practice some of the ideas and evaluate it. Truthfully any review devoid of hostility is good for the writer. It helps you with your craft and if you are going to listen to the good reviews, you need to listen to the bad ones. Balance must exist. 
This series of books and guidelines is detailed in a manner I rarely see anywhere. It was a culmination of massive amounts of studying client journals, attending workshops, research and asking people whose opinions you think count. Rather than put a new twist on old exercises or making you take secret supplements, Josh focuses on what is working. When he highlighted what was working for clients, he had to blend together the ingredients into a congruent program. Like cooking, you either end up with a tasty dish or you get a plate of crap. 
I would say that if you want to improve fitness, strength and appearance I’d strongly consider this product. It’s an all in one package and may be all you need for training in the long term, short of specialization. 
I am not going to detail this program. It would be a massive task and is basically not necessary. [One hint. The programming rocks!] For most people, this product is what they need. They won’t be on a Special Operations Team jumping out of buildings. They won’t be deadlifting a car in an arena. They won’t be facing off against linemen on a Sunday afternoon. To lose fat, feel better, be healthier and yes,..look good naked.. System Six is a powerful tool.
Who is this not for?
-Strongman Competitors
-NFL Players
-Olympic Lifters
-GS Athletes
Who is this for?
-Everyone else
I’d take a strong look at this product if your needs are not in the realm of competitive strength athlete or professional. This may be all you need. 
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