Danny Kavadlo needs little introduction. He and his brother, Al are traveling the world teaching bodyweight methodology and also publishing the material with a high quality standard that is missing in many other venues. His current, work, “Strength Rules” focuses less on training bodyweight or street style, but more on progression. The simple idea of doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes is quite common in the exercise world. The templates, drills and integration are nicely organized. What I respect is the humor and carefree nature of Danny. He has fun. Not everything is serious and his approach is about a way of life, not just 20 minutes out of your day, three times per week. The graphic design as with all his books is off the charts. Photography is NOT boring and Dragondoor is getting increasingly masterful with putting out books for your shelf versus a few printed and gray pages.

The only possible downside is if bodyweight training is not your thing. I’d still think this is a good supplement, but if it’s not your thing, put it on a back burner for a friend or family member who could make use of this spartan approach to excellence.

You may purchase it here — http://www.dragondoor.com/b84/

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