This won’t be a long post. I’ve used this formula for a few weeks with much improved quality of sleep and uninterrupted sleep.  I usually get muscle tension from training that can really prevent relaxation.

The three items pictured are the secret.

  1. Sleepytime Extra. Chamomile, Tilia Estrella and Valerian Root.
  2. Liquid Melatonin. About 1 to 3 mg.
  3. Glycine. About 5 grams.

The tea tastes great, hot or cold. The melatonin is tasteless. The glycine adds a bit of sweetness.

I’ve seen other add Taurine or powdered magnesium citrate supplement.

The is not a prescription. It’s what I use. What you do is your own responsibility.

As the late, Casey Viator said to me, “Everyone has their own voodoo”.  He was right. What’s yours?

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