Sincere Hogan, “The People’s Fit Coach”, has just produced a training dvd. If you don’t know Sincere, (and how is that possible?), then you should. He’s a premier fitness instructor who implements boot camps style training and kettlebell technology into a seamless package. His training groups are packed to the gills and his workshops are well known around the country. I was anxiously awaiting the production of this dvd. Sincere has literally taught hundreds of classes and traveled all over the country to study, learn and apply his trade. This dvd shows the fruit of his labors. It is an ala carte format. Sincere teaches specific drills and explains them in a highly detailed, humorous fashion. That’s rare, since many instructors take themselves way to seriously.
The exercises are unique, varied, and creative. Fun,.. not the same old same old.
I highly recommend this dvd, you will enjoy yourself as you get more agile, fit, and lean!
You can purchase it by clicking the link below!

The Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning for Strength & Fat Loss Workshop DVD

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Get Hard.

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