I have been involved in show business since November of 1980. First as personal security for celebrities and currently as a crew member of the World Famous Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach. My “last” show was Sunday, June 2. I have NO idea what I am going to do now, but it feels good. Mentally I feel like a kid, and physically I feel younger. Years of good eating, supplements, training, thinking, reading, and actual hard physical labor and long days with late nights have worked. To quote Han’s line in “Enter The Dragon” ,…” We forge our bodies in the fire of our wills.” I have the best wife on the planet, the best kids, and the best friends. Good friends are not buddies you drink with (not that that is a real bad thing), they are the guys who can show up at 3AM to help you change a tire or back you up in a “situation”. A great wife is not the one who just looks like a Playmate or cooks like Bobby Flay,…she is a great friend, mother, and pillar of strength, both spiritual and physical. Great kids don’t just win meaningless soccer games,..they wait up on a Friday night till Dad comes home to show him they just discovered, “Freebird” on YouTube, and tell you what a great song it is.
I am currently going through challenges, but I like a good fight. God never gives you anything you can’t take. I have never been more prepared, more hungry or more in love. These are the best of times. —-T

Get Tough
Get Hard.

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