I am a big fan of South African Performance Coach, Rodney King. I’ve been aware of his teaching and methodology for years through the internet, youtube, social media and email. He is first and foremost, a gentleman, family man, teacher and warrior. His communication skills and organizational methodology rank with some of the best on earth. I’ve been fortunate enough to have trained with some really, great teacher/fighters. Dan Inosanto, Richard Bustillo, Larry Hartsell, Paul DeThouars, Herman Suwanda, Dr. Harold Koning, Bruno Cruicchi, Francis Fong, Chai Sirisute and Cliff Stewart. Rodney can easily fit in that group of ultra elite. He’s been gifted by a bit of natural talent, unfortunate experiences, powerful thought process and wonderful teachers. He walked the path of the warrior and martial athlete and now has transcended into the role of teacher and mentor. To quote Rodney-

“Martial Athletes focus on there effectiveness of their game. Martial Artists focus on excellence driven by the game”

I believe each life experience is like a set of filters. You view outcomes as a result of evidence and by examining that evidence through your filters.

Part of Rodney’s martial journey looks like this-

Two 2nd Dan’s in Japanese Karate

Western Boxing

Served in the VIP Protection Wing of the South African Defense Force and trained in Counter Insurgency Operations

Trained for over two decades in Thailand and is certified to teach under the late Apidej. [For those of you who do not know, Apidej is the considered one of, if not the greatest Thai champion, with over 300 fights including 7 world titles in both Thai and Western boxing.] Rodney studied both the Sport art and Old Thai method.

Rodney and Apidej.

3rd degree black belt under Rigan Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Head of Security/Doorman for Johannesburg nightclubs for nearly a decade

This brief resume is not about comparing experience with others, but merely an understanding of the life/messengers that make Rodney and his system what it is.

For a better view of his background check out these youtube interviews – https://www.tomfurman.com/rodney-king-and-transformation/

Needless to say that history was the foundation of what is the, “Crazy Monkey Defense” system now. There are different teaching programs that make up the whole. The latest project is the initial phase of the CIA, Combat Intelligent Athlete program. Fundamentally this is about self preservation and dealing with assault. Having sifted through hundreds of programs over the years, I can say that this distillation is streamlined, elegant and thorough. You can hardly go wrong purchasing and practicing this material

Most “Reality Based Martial Arts” programs seen on the internet generally and youtube specifically deal with, “you do that, so I do this” mentality. They assume after defense of one punch,.. that you can unleash a ‘dance of death’ and destroy the bad guy. That is one big assumption and you KNOW what they say about ASSUMPTIONS.

The other assumption is that you don’t have to train as an athlete against resisting opponents to be effective. Therefore Rodney’s designation of COMBAT INTELLIGENT ATHLETE.

This program is available by downloadable video and is worth every penny. I’d say this material fits nicely into anyones martial arts training. It gets my highest rating.

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