Most of you do not know Hugh Cassidy. He was a very dedicated powerlifter of the early 1970’s. He was known for focus and his simple routines. He trained his way up to Superheavyweight and then back down for health and fitness reasons. He was in fact Marty Gallagher’s coach. Here is a simple powerlifting routine to build your strength and still have a life. It worked then, and it will work now. Below is a simple hint on squatting. Click

From the lips of Marty Gallagher–
“Hugh Cassidy had us look at a spot on the floor roughly 3-4 feet in front of us as we squatted – this of course is totally contrary to everything taught in standardized powerlifting wherein the head is thrown up and back – Hugh felt this ‘site spot’ created a better spinal position for pushing – I teach this as an advanced technique – the triangle refers to the imaginary line that runs from ankle to ankle and from each ankle to the site spot.”

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