1. Train frequently, hard, and not to failure.
2. Overload your whole system, not just your bicep.
3. You grow during rest, not during training.
4. Use whole body, systemic, exercises.
5. Vary your workload with planned lower intensity days or weeks.
6. Rest properly
7. Focus on progression
8. Eat adequate calories. If you overeat,…you will wear the extra calories.
9. Strength means getting good at lifting heavy stuff, being able to endure doing it for duration, and managing it in extreme ranges of motion with good mechanics.
10. Training should make you healthier, stronger, more flexible, more enduring, and leaner.
11. There are NO secrets, only the truth waiting to be uncovered, reorganized, or adjusted.
12. Don’t take any of this stuff too seriously, there ARE bigger things in life.

Get Tough
Get Hard.

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