Programming the Kettlebell Swing is a dvd by Tracy Reifkind by On Target Publications.
In this dvd, which is cleanly produced and professionally edited, Tracy Reifkind, the FemBot, Queen of Swing, and Juggernaut of all things Kettlebell, presents her formula for fitness. She diagnoses, dissects, and analyzes the kettlebell swing to a degree that is amazing. She understands how to use it, apply it, and manage it, into a fitness system that has allowed her to lose over 100 pounds! I sincerely have NO need to explain or play with words here. Tracy takes a simple concept and makes it work. She’s worked her way into the world of “deep skill” and become a pioneer for those who seek her incredible levels of fitness and body composition.
I’d strongly suggest if you are new to kettlebell training or interested in FAT loss,.. to purchase this DVD,. .and follow along.
Check Tracy out here.
I’ll have to admit,.. I’ve been a long time fan.

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