Aside from athletes, women as they approach middle age, are morbidly undermuscled. This is what getting old is about. The most dangerous component of this affliction, is the weak neck. I see more women with a forward projected, skinny neck, than I can shake a stick at. Aside from injury and poor posture, an undermuscled frame is the cause. General strength training with overhead lifting will increase trapezious and neck strength to a degree. So will deadlifting and pulling exercise. You will not find this in Pilates, Yoga, or Spinning. Weight machines frequently isolate to an abnormal degree, proper muscle function. Actually picking up heavy stuff and lifting it is the first step. The second step is direct exercise for the muscles of the neck region. I’ll cover this further in a future article and I will feature it in my upcoming DVD, “Concrete Conflict and Conditioning”.

Today. Long day at work and the normal crappy commute.
Joint Mobility/Punching, Kneeing, and Elbows.
Snatches/Pistols/Russian Hot Potato, Neck and Reciprical Inhibition Stretching.
Low Volume since I have a hectic week.

Dinner–Broiled Curry Salmon. Avocado over mixed greens. Glass of Merlot.

–I’m just warming up.–Tom

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