This is a simple workout that requires almost no equipment for the lower body. Hence the “naked” term.
Almost everyone is familiar with stair running. Anyone in fitness can relate to bodybuilder Robbie Robinson running stairs in Venice, California as he retraced the footsteps of actor, Brad Harris and many others before him. Even Jiujitsu legend, Rickson Gracie was running stairs in the documentary, “Choke”. Of course no one can forget Sylvester Stallone in the Rocky movies. The image of scaling a man made hill is almost a metaphor for overcoming goals. The following workout is ridiculously simple. Some of you may have tried variants of this drill. I’m including some twists which will make it even more effective.

Start with a long flight of steps. This can be in an urban area, a beach, a park or tall building. If none of these locations are available, you can use a bench or chair. You can literally workout in a hotel room in the middle of a blizzard. Step up with your left leg to the step or bench. Do NOT explode off of your right leg but use only the strength of your left leg to accomplish this. Bring your right leg even with your left and perform a full body weight squat as smoothly as possible. If you are using a chair, you would probably be wise to step down and THEN perform the squat. Now repeat this process with the right leg. This is not about speed, it is about precision. So you will follow the pattern of step/squat, step/squat.

If you are using a staircase, you will have a long walk to the top. If you are using a bench, you have to go by the numbers. Something like 50 steps per leg/100 squat total.

The variables are these-
1. Take the steps two at a time or use a higher bench.
2. Add ankle weights. This will load the hip flexors on the front of the thigh.
3. Add a weight vest or back pack with added weight.
4. Carry an EZ curl bar [padded] in the “Zercher” position in the crook of your arms.
5. Carry dumbbells or kettle bells in a “Farmers Walk” style.
6. Wear a mouth piece and breathe through your nose only.

This workout is simple, effective and a powerful lower body conditioner. It will help you look better when you are naked from the waist down.

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