This is a template highly inspired by Bruce Lee, that I was using several months after graduating high school in 1975. I found this digging through old notes at my boyhood home as I cleared it out to put it on sale.

Run an EZ 440
Standing Head to Knee stretch
Pushups, legs spread
Sissy Squat and Toe Raise
Fingertip Pushup
Knuckle Pushup

Run an EZ 440
Hurdler Stretch
Butterlfy Stretch
Seated Head To Knees
American Splits
Clapping Pushups

Legs/Lower Day One
Leg Extension
Heel Raise
Low Squat
Good Mornings
Upper/Day Two
Bench Press to Neck
Row to Waist
Upright Row to Press
Scott Curl
French Press
(four days per week)

Sit Up 50×2
Reverse Curl
Knee to Elbow Crunch
Behind the Back Wrist Curl
Alternating Leg Raise
Hand Crusher
Leg Raise, 25×2
Palm Up Wrist Curl
Reverse Crunch
Palm Down Wrist Curl
Bent Over Twist w/Broomstick
Isometric Rev. Curl Lockout

The warmup was done before the waist/forearm work. These were two separate workouts divided by 30 minutes or several hours. (strength and the waist/forearm) This was supplemental to bagwork, ropework, ringwork, matwork, and mirror work. I was training 3X a week at Rochester Boxing Club in Rochester, Pennsylvania.

Get Tough
Get Hard.

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