Whenever anyone asks me about boxing instruction, standup fighting, or Thai Clinch work, I point them twards Rodney King. This is not the has been criminal seen on LA Police videos, but the South African Martial Arts coach and inventor of the “Crazy Monkey System”. He is one of the most profound communicators I have seen in the arts and a rare talent when it comes to teaching. His background includes Karate as a youth, extensive boxing, Muay Thai, Military training, and street experience as a doorman in the ultra violent South African environment. He is currently a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Combat Base BJJ instructor, Chris Haueter.
I have yet to train personally with Rodney, but his material via DVD and Tape has made a profound effect on my game and training with my gang of rowdies.
Rodney no longer has a desire to be the toughest man on the street or ring. He wants people to practice martial arts movement to be better humans. He coaches on the total “Game of Life” and uses fight training as a vehicle for personal growth.

Rodney has several websites but the one below has a story about his personal history.
The next time you complain about aches and pains, being tired from talking to your Blackberry all day, or whining about Starbucks being out of Sumatra Blend, ……Read Rodney’s Journey.


Please read “Rodney’s Journey” First.

Some video of Rodney with his crew.

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