The full interview is on RIF’S blog, but these statement made an impression for people who say they can’t workout because of injury. Listen to Louie!
“I broke my fourth lumbar vertabrae in 1973> I completely tore off my right bicep in 1979. I tore two holes in my stomach and a partial tear of the tendon that connects to the pubic bone in 1980.refractured my fifth lumbar vertabrae in 1983. Complete rupture of the left patella tendon in 1991.I had my second knee operation in 1991.Right meniscus operation in 1998. Shoulder socket replacement in 2004.Left shoulder scoped in 2004. Left bicep reattached in 2004.”

” I am not sure but at least 60 years old. I am stronger in the deadlift and squat now and will be 60 in October.Not geting injured is the key as well as having training partners.If you run with the lame you will develop a limp; so choose your training partners wisely.”

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