“Kettlebell Training in the Age of Quarrel” is quite a mouthful. This is a multi disk set from Mike Mahler, one of the most visable of strength coaches. It is a massive source of information for the interested trainee. Even if you are “not into kettlebells” or “not a fan of kettlebells”, there is tremendous information on this disk to improve movement, develop leg strength, enhance shoulder function, stimulate recovery, or just to dance like Ken Blackburn.

This dvd set is populated with the expertise of Ken Blackburn, Steve Cotter, Jason Dolby, Andrew Durniat, and Mike Mahler. Essentially a who’s who in the Kettlebell world. It would be rare to be able to attend a workshop with all of these men present. The value of this disc is truly enhanced by watching these men present different views of this material with selective emphasis using various teaching styles.
Some of what you will be receiving after you purchase this disk-
Mike Mahler – Presses, Rows, Swings, and Hormonal Optimization.
Andrew Durniat – The Snatch, and Strength Stunts
Jason Dolby – Indian Clubs and the Kettlebell Swing
Steve Cotter – Animal Drills, Leg Strength, and Chi Gong
Ken Blackburn – Joint Mobility and Agility
Also, a team effort on Jerks, and Clean & Jerks.

As I mentioned before, if you only did the bodyweight material contained in this set, your fitness levels would take an IMMEDIATE jump. It is that damn good.
The Audio quality, video work, and editing are superb. Roger Mahler again scores a devastating knockout with his technical expertise.
Purchasing this set is a NO brainer. It is a valuable addition to anyone’s library and actually quite suitable for the beginner. I can hardly think of a better introduction into fitness with kettlebells and bodyweight.

Mike Mahler once again proves that he is a visionary in the world of fitness promotion and marketing. He recognizes a need, and not only fills it,.. but exceeds everyones expectations. He knows how to take a calculated risk and out perform the pack. His team efforts are an indication of his lack of selfishness and need to be a star. Kettlebell Training in the Age of Quarrel is a slam dunk. Great job, Mike!

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