Once again, with a little variation, we can create something that is very comprehensive from fundamental elements. Minimalist programs often lack elements that allow for longevity. Great in theory, weak in practice. However with a bit of strategy and addition of needed components, there is elegance in basics.

This is another variation of the ETK or Enter The Kettlebell format of Pavel Tsatsouline. I think the A + B elements both simplify and sophisticate this program. Life is simple, you do one or the other, as often or as little as needed around your job, lifestyle or sport. The secret is in the numbers. The use of a kettlebell for dynamic and grind type lifts also do wonders for your range of motion, back issues and work capacity. It is not, “pure”, cardio, but will get the pulse up. You still need to do the long, slow, distance, stuff for health and foundational GPP.

Equipment Needed: Several kettlebells, jump stretch bands and a chinning bar. Perhaps some sort of nylon straps with dog clips to later hang weights around your waist for pull ups.

Workout 1 is the ETK ladder. That is a clean and press for 1-2-3-4-5, R+L. A pull up is performed for 1-2-3 reps after the first 3 sets. When you are capable of handling weight.. add a couple pounds around your waist for the low rep pull ups. Realize you are doing a hinge, an upper body pull, an upper body push, then another upper body pull. [pull up]. This is a LOT of work. Rest as needed. It’s not a race. You will on your heaviest days.. do 1-2-3-4-5 for FIVE series. You can vary the load by starting at 1-2-3 for days when you are sore or lack sleep. I’d also suggest breaking in this way. Once you are capable of 5 rungs,..[1-2-3-4-5 x 5],.. don’t do less than 5, but cut off the reps at 2 or 3 or 4. Use your head.

Workout 2 is Swings X 100, plus extras. You are doing two handed swings. The variation will be in reps. You have three formats. 10×10, four sets of 25 or 10-15-25-50. Rotate through these formats. Work yourself into shape. Only increase the ‘bell weight when you own it. The add ons will be a superset of Kettlebell Hack Squats. https://www.tomfurman.com/the-lost-basic/ for up to 8 reps and Surf Dog Hip Flexor Drill https://www.facebook.com/tom.furman1/videos/10209149121539413/ for 15 to 20 reps. You will do THREE supersets of this combo.

The warm down is even more simple. Do a couple of rounds of up dog, down dog.

If you still like to attend the gym for social life, you can easily add long sessions on the aerobic machines, hot yoga or even Pilates to this program. If the solitary life is more to your liking, rucking with a weighted backpack, long distance road biking or mountain biking will fit in nicely.

This program can be three or four days per week. Don’t be afraid to skip a day if you are overly worked. However going through the program with a lighter load will be better than sitting on your butt. Add weight or move to a bigger kettlebell when you “own” the lighter one. Eventually the program can be done with 40 or 44 kilo bells. At that point you are stronger than the average person and harder to kill.

Get Tough
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