KB Fire is one of the first DVD’s to address the conditioning of someone who actually works for a living,.. a Fireman. Fortunate for me that I have many friends and associates who are in this profession so the subject of conditioning for this lifestyle is something I am familiar with. Tom is clear in his representation of the basics of using a simple tool (the kettlebell) and how it fits well into the various unwieldy tasks the Firefighter has to contend with. He then goes onto to warmups, workout templates, and unique exercises that adapt the metabolism and musculature into a well oiled machine that will not let you down when the difference can be life for death.

The subject matter presented could install a lifestyle change for those Fireman who have let their conditioning slip and need a new lease on life so to speak. It also provides a breath of fresh air in the Kettlebell DVD industry where making things more complex seems more important than sound communication provided by someone who has actually lived his resume.
I’d say Tom Corrigan is the “go to” guy when it comes to taking the next step in “Blue Collar” fitness. I highly recommend his DVD. It is professionally produced and uses more than one set, or back drop. He spared no expenses in providing good instruction at a good price.

Contact Tom at http://bluecollarfitness.com/ for DVD’s, Instruction, or just to talk training!

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