“The history of lifting, heavy, awkward, objects began with the first PaleoMan throwing a big rock on a dinosaur’s head.”

Sandbag Fitness by Matt Palfrey is such a bare bones approach to getting strong, it might seem for those outside fitness, to be a joke. It is anything but a joke. The history of lifting heavy awkward objects began with the first PaleoMan throwing a big rock on a dinosaur’s head. It’s obviously hard to have rocks of different sizes laying around so somewhere along the line, PaleoMan or Matt started using sand bags.

All kidding aside, this book is very thorough. It shows you how to make a sandbag so the economics vs training equipment argument is a non-issue. It shows you the grips, the lifts, the cautions and the theory. The unique quality of sandbags is the unwieldy but safe load. Nothing is going to come apart, but dealing with the weight forces much bracing and irradiation of muscle groups. The bags feel heavier than the corresponding weight with a barbell. This can be good and bad. If you are looking for small percentage increases in load relative to a certain specific lift,.. then use a barbell. For general preparation and anaerobic conditioning/strength endurance, a sandbag is great. Considering the cost for a home made bag is so low, the bang per buck ratio is quite profound.

What I liked- This is very well thought out. There are ample templates and the cost of your home training is very low. The language is clear and the ebook has ample photographs.

What I didn’t like- Next time I’d like to see Matt use color. This is an upgrade and slightly more complex, but I thing it would benefit the readers.

This book is something that you need to refer to when you start lifting sandbags. I highly recommend it as a great starting point. The author, Matt Palfrey owns two blogs:

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