“I dislocated my right shoulder more times than the law should allow. I had my first surgery in 1985. I didn’t rehab it properly and continued to dislocate/sublux it about 10 more times until my second surgery in 1987. Since that time I dislocated my left shoulder three times and had surgery 1987. I never had problems with my left shoulder since. My right shoulder is a completely different story. I dislocated it at least 5 more times until 2000. It would literally come out while I was sleeping. Sometimes I could put it back in myself, sometimes with the assistance of my lovely wife. Since I started training with Pavel, my shoulder(s) have stayed in joint. I’m not a medical professional but I am more than happy to share what worked and what didn’t for me. I truly believe that knowing what I know know, I could have eliminated all the surgeries and unnecessary dislocations.”

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