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This book is good. Why? Well if you read it, you will be familiar with much of the Pavel philosophy. He will repeat it. So what? You didn’t listen the first time. Remember, repetition is the mother of skill.

I will say this about that,….
“Masters don’t teach you new tricks, they teach you better ways to use the basics”. 


“Other coaches and trainers know how,.. Pavel tells you WHY.”

In this book, Pavel follows Bruce Lee’s lead of “stripping away the inessential”. “Making the utmost, out of the minimum”.

If you’ve read Pavel’s other abdominal books.. then this clarifies, illuminates, informs and entertains to a greater degree.

Rather than be in the “either/or” school of ignoring the middle ground, Pavel presents research, expert testimony and the common sense of abdominal, back and hip flexor mechanics, use and development.

Let’s start with what I DIDN’T LIKE.

Cons– There could have been more photos. I thought it was clear, but photos and diagrams help understanding.

Pro’s– I like the interjection of Dr. Stuart McGill’s observation through out the book. His science is tempered with the ability of Pavel to produce results.

Fundamentally, this book answers questions that move far beyond the model of Men’s Health Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Today Show talk fodder and Face Book experts. It delivers.

Much of Pavel’s material delivered in the year 1999 and 2000 has become common place. Now he returns with abdominal information that presents a laser like focus to the HARDSTYLE method.

So click HERE and buy it. No seriously.. Click HERE and buy it!

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