Above is Loren Cordain. Probably the “Father” of the current Paleo Diet craze. I’ve read Doctor Cordain’s books and really like what he is saying, but I always hate when people have to label their diet rather than just make some general recommendations. I also feel you should be a product of your ideas. You may not be the most genetically elite specimen, but be a good spokesperson for your ideas.

This is a vegetarian bodybuilder. While the term “vegetarian” is a label, the fact is, he has adopted a lifestyle of fitness, and keeps a close eye on macronutrients. He just chooses non meat ones.

What am I trying to prove here? Well, the second man did not get in that condition by killing and eating dead animals. He recorded calories, workouts and macronutrients. That would be protein, carbohydrates, fats, and water. Other than choosing non meat sources, ( I believe he consumes eggs and dairy ), he focused on facts rather than faith.
The diet industry is based on making something very simple into something very complex. This should be avoided. It’s about the calories, it’s about the macronutrients. Eat less, burn more.

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