“Ignore the outcome and do the work”

Kenny “X” is a client. He has a high stress job and practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The combination of facing security threats and errors in international banking on a daily basis was punctuated by showing up on the mats and having “friends” [opponents] try to tap you out or choke you out. There is a saying that the ultimate stress is death, but there are many rungs to that ladder. Adopting a philosophy that takes you from portly code writer to grappling fanatic can be an unwieldy mission. Being objective is not easy when you are the one on fire.

Fortunately objectivity can be found in the form of coaching. Not a guy with a cigar yelling at you as you do burpees. Not a knee socks wearing, weekend certification, sycophant. Just someone with similar knowledge and an awareness of outcomes. Then choosing a path to get there. That path should stimulate, not annihilate. It should improve and do no harm.

The emphasis is on feedback, communication and offering distinctions in behavior. Then there’s the evidence. Spinning your wheels is not good. It burns gas and leads to frustration. Measurable changes are what need to happen.

Kenny X’s previous experience was in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Starting Strength, Powerlifting and EATING. He also like a drink or two. Nothing wrong with enjoying life if your goals are realized and you sleep well. That was not the case.  With some simple guidelines, diet and training,.. he changed it all and will continue to change.

Date Weight Waist (at navel)
3/21/2014 225 41.5
4/28/2014 213 36
5/26/2014 207.8 34
7/21/2014 197 33
7/28/2014 197 33
8/15/2014 194 32

So that is a loss of 31 pounds and nearly 10 inches off of the waist. Better sleep, better at the job, better Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and better at life. What’s interesting is we have never met and I’ve never watched him train. 100% of this training is via internet and phone.

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