Very clearly, years ago, I was reading the MMA.TV forums, called the “Underground”. There was an area for Defensive Tactics specialist, Tony Blauer, of Canada to post to those interested. He repeated a methodology that he did not invent, but for some reason. when he said it, the idea stuck. “Examine your outcome and your behavior. If your outcome isn’t what you want, change your behavior”. 

The problem with this, is that it works. The other problem is that we are subjective with our own behavior and usually not objective. We know the answers, we know the questions, we know the technology. We fail to implement because we fail to believe in our decisions. We doubt. We’d rather be led or coached or validated externally. It’s a kind of agreement. When you make a decision, you want feedback. That is essentially what coaching is. Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard will always be a more effective combatants than Angelo Dundee.  However the ability to be objective and offer distinctions is what makes Angelo such a powerful coach. 

Examples you ask?

Below is “Josh”. The first photo is taken when he was lifting and had pain in his back, knees and left shoulder. He was following the, “Scrawny to Brawny” Program. Over months and phone calls and offering distinctions in training and eating.. we implemented changes in behavior that altered the outcomes. This is not, “Lose Fat, Gain Muscle Fast”. This is a change in lifestyle that is sustainable. [Click photo for detail]

The last photo is deceptive.. a bit of water loss dropped him from his fairly level weight of 190 lbs. We are currently gearing towards 195 lbs with comparable leanness. 

Another good example is “KennyX”. Most people would say, being male, being tall, being active is all you need. That would be the “correct” behavior. However the lack of measurement and objectivity seeped into the behavior of this IT Tech, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and kettlebell devotee. We joined forces, worked on measurement and adherence. Then we altered small things as time went on. You literally see a different man, both inside and outside in the last photo. 

Below you see a young KennyX. He looks like a body double for a Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” music video. Then he got serious with both eating and Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength. He focused on the extremes and avoided middle ground. 

Then we decided to team up and make some changes in behavior to achieve a different outcome. Apparently it worked. 

Realize, we have only begun. He’s already dropped a FOOT of his waist. There is more muscle and leanness to come. 

People ask, “How fast can I get results?”. I reply, “The rest of your life”.  Literally. This is not about “quick fix”. It’s about training for life. 

I have a female client with a high pressure job, thyroid issues and dealing with the sale of a home. She’s a powerlifter as well. So far in a couple of weeks, these are the numbers. A shift in diet, consultation and coaching resulted in an apparent increase in muscle size and loss of body fat. Of course changes in water balance, glycogen and bowel content effect these measures, but a week to week trend is happening and it is by plan, not chance. By the way, she’s stronger too.

1/5 –

Weight: 178.4

Waist: 37.25

Hips: 42.5

1/26 –

Weight: 179.8

Waist: 36.00

Hips: 41.75


Weight: 177.6

Waist: a little over 35.5

Hips: 40.75

So the bottom line is this. If you are not happy with your outcome, change your behavior. If you haven’t been successful in the past, evidence would predict you won’t be successful in the future. That’s where I come in. The power of teamwork, coaching, support, but mainly objectivity will be what you need to be better than you are now. 

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