Anthony DiLuglio’s “Art Of Strength” DVD’s presents the difficult task of applying a creative strategy to a freeform method. He has put the “feats of strength”, and “juggling” of Kettlebell Lifting into a streamlined, progressive, circuit. This is not done with a pen and paper creating artificial, myopic, workouts, but rather, processed daily in his Punch Gym by applying it to living, breathing clients.
The videos are professionally filmed with city backdrops and an original score. Anthony does every rep of every exercise, as he coaches you and offers variations in pace and techique. What he has come up with is a very palatable package melding modern technology with good old sweat.
I’d highly recommend this set to anyone who wants to apply circuit training to their fitness habit. All three disks can be bought in one package at a discount. Check the link on the column to your right.

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