Thierry Sanchez has big balls. He decided to write a book on training kettle bell long cycle for competition. I’m always skeptical of those trainees who are not from Russia writing full coaching manuals. They may have only been exposed to one source of training expertise and base their whole methodology on it. Kind of like they found the Holy Grail, but in reality it’s only a Dixie cup. 

The name of this manual is “Bogatyr Rising”. The word Bogatyr “is a stock character in medieval East Slavic legend, akin to a Western European knight-errant.”- Wikipedia. “Rising” means to improve or increase numbers. Of course it takes on a whole new meaning the adult film industry. 

Two things stick out in this book. Usually attempts at ebooks are sloppy affairs with terrible formatting, bad fonts and poor editing. Other than a few typo’s this ebook is very nicely done. Embedded links, charts and good organization. 

The other thing is the extremely methodical nature of the program. It’s all written out and planned. Plug in your personal numbers, days, etc. Thierry has done everything else. He has a writing style that is clear and doesn’t keep you guessing. 

The only down side would be for the inclusion of photos throughout. It is NOT a “how to” book, but using visual cues helps everyone. Of course that makes the ebook longer, more involved, etc. 

I’d highly recommend this ebook. Thierry didn’t just come up with a magic formula. He used it to bump his own numbers,.. seriously. Even if you don’t compete, the information can be used as a GPP themed kettle bell workout. 

So if you are interested, visit, and purchase. This is a good investment.

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