[In his own words. I don’t need to add since this says it all!]

Training Jounal Entry:

Heavy Bag – 100 Power Punches, 30 seconds rest, x 5 ( maintenence ) 16 oz gloves used today. Most of the time its either this or 50 punches, 15 sec. rest, x 10. I rotate between 10, 12, 16 oz gloves. Once in a while I’ll put 1 lb hand weights into my 16s and turn them into 32’s.
“I consider heavy bag training one of the most useful yet underrated met-con workouts known to man. Express yourself with simple, brutal, primal training!
As far as the 3 lb Gloves go… When I worked at the jail I remember that Earnie Shavers told me that he did this back in the day. Earnie used to come in and talk to the inmates about Christianity and I would be assigned to escort him around the building to their housing units. His version of gloves were big pillow gloves while mine are just 16 ozers with 2 1 lb weights inserted into each of them.
While I do consider this skill work, (done first in workout) I do feel that there is a training benefit as far as shoulder endurance and overall conditioning goes. I also like doing various punch drills with these gloves without using the heavy bag. Of course, I always warmup going slow, half speed before going all out. The 150 lb bag explodes when using the 3 lbers.
I also do this from time to time with just 1 lb added for a 2 lb total. When I switch to the 12 ozers ( on another day ) it feels like I’m punching with just fists.

I’m also tempted to get into a kibadachi stance and throw 500 punches with the 3 lbers. What would Mas Oyama do? or even say? Me thinks that he would approve since he liked putting on some iron geta and doing kicking drills.


Tired of doing long slow cardio? No problem!….try out this heavy bag “rapid fire” drill. Punch continuously, as fast as you can using good form until you hit your target number…rest for a specific number of seconds…and repeat each “round” until you have achieved your desired result. For example: 60 punches …30 seconds rest…done 12x. (which was in fact part of my morning training)
Mix and match these numbers any way you desire….depending on your current level of fitness and total overall training plan. I used 16 oz training gloves today and in the past I’ve added an extra one lb hand weight to each glove ( held the weight in hand and put glove on ) for the purpose of stimulating a different training effect. (Use Gloves Please)

I’ve also added a body weight weight vest in the past a few times …and although I did get a more strenuous workout ( 50 lb vest ) I don’t feel it’s valid as far as my overall plan is, due to the fact that it hinder’s my explosiveness too much compared to receiving any immediate benefit from it’s adaption process. Your mileage may vary.
This drill is a great change of pace…especially if your current cardio is causing staleness ..so give it a shot. If you don’t know how to properly punch a bag seek instruction if you can afford…if not at least study some You Tube videos to get you on the right track. IMO…learning and practicing ( Punching + Kicking ) on the heavy bag.. is something every woman on the planet should do.”

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