Let me blunt at the start. I will probably not be doing much of the “Mastery” level of this book. However it is by far the best thing Dragondoor has put out in terms of content, thoroughness, art design, writing and entertainment.

Explosive Calisthenics follows up the path started by the controversial Convict Conditioning. It doesn’t let you down. In fact it’s just an evolutionary process to present material that needs organized with sensible progressions, some history and clear coaching.

I like to give two sections to reviews. “What I like” and “What I don’t like”. I like 99.9% of this book.

The possible downside is that you have enough mileage NOT to be able to start at the first level, just for challenge, variety or interest. You have no need for the Explosive movements. That’s fine. Your children or grandchildren MIGHT. This book is THAT good. Just laid out well, colorful and well written.

If you are a fitness person, you should have this on your shelf for a reference. The only people who would dislike this book train in cold rooms, in slow motion, in fear of injury, while preaching extreme right wing politics and misogyny. Other than that small subset, it’s worth it’s price. I have a hard copy, but an ebook with a Kindle works just as well.

Click the link below if you are tired of the old black and white, poorly written books that DON’T deliver. This one does.

Explosive Calisthenics Superhuman Power, Maximum Speed and Agility, Plus Combat-Ready Reflexes—Using Bodyweight-Only Methods By Paul “Coach” Wade
Explosive Calisthenics is for those who want to be winners and survivors in the game of life—for those who want to be the Complete Package: powerful, explosive, strong, agile, quick and resilient.


Get Tough
Get Hard.

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