Eric Heiden is one of the most incredible athletes to stride the earth. His Speedskating records are legendary, and at his size, he even competed in bicycle racing. Here are some facts that may shock you. Eric is known for his incredible thigh stength. This little fact is amazing.
“Eric Heiden still holds the record for maximal wattage output ever on the “Wingate” test, its something that has been done repeatedly since the 70’s, and its basically how much does your body generate over a maximal 30 second effort.
Every pro cyclist ever has done this, even with modern sports training & steroids & etc etc, no one has beaten Eric.”
When asked about his leg training that pushed him to World/Olympic records and 29 inch thighs, he stated,
“When I was skating, there was ice only for a really short period of time. So we would have to do a lot of other cross training type things. I’d enjoyed cycling very much that is why I got into cycling. We used to lift weights a couple of times a week, we did a lot of running. I enjoyed the variety. All those things I enjoyed doing. I certainly wouldn’t want to do one all the time, but to have the variety and the camaraderie with my teammates; it was a lot of fun. We did a lot of squats, step-ups. We never did a lot of weights, but a lot of repetitions. The most I would use doing squats was 300 pounds. That was it.”

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