This started with a post on Facebook, but the information is well gathered with excerpts to highlight points from various sources. Lots of studies sited through PubMed, not anecdote, not Mercola, not Natural News. Science. Not smoke and mirrors.

“Finally, the results of the extensive scientific research done to evaluate these allegations did not show a causal relationship between aspartame and adverse effects. Thus, the weight of scientific evidence confirms that, even in amounts many times what people typically consume, aspartame is safe for its intended uses as a sweetener and flavor enhancer”

“When all the research on aspartame, including evaluations in both the pre-marketing and post marketing periods, is examined as a whole, it is clear that aspartame is safe, and there are no unresolved questions regarding its safety under conditions of intended use.”…/aspartame-a-safety-evaluation…

“Aspartame’s metabolism is well understood and follows that of other common foods. Aspartame consumption, even at levels much higher than that expected under typical circumstances, has virtually no impact on levels of other blood constituents such as amino acids, methanol or glucose.”

“Aspartame is a well-studied sweetener whose safety is clearly documents and well established through extensive laboratory testing, animal experiments, epidemiological studies, and human clinical trials.

“Controlled and thorough scientific studies confirm aspartame’s safety and find NO CREDIBLE LINK between consumption of aspartame at levels found in the human diet and conditions related to the nervous system and behavior, nor any other symptom or illness.”

“Aspartame does not increase hunger in those who use it; the contrary, studies indicate it might be an effective tool as part of an overall weight management program.”

“Aspartame is well-characterized, throughout studied, high-intensity sweetener that has a long history for safe use in the food supply and can help reduce the caloric content of a wide variety of foods”…m&ordinalpos=9…?dopt=Abstract…cent_Media.htm…teners/MY00073…AspartameQandA

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