The current rage on the internet for size building is something called DC aka DoggCrapp training. There are currently articles on T-nation and most of the major chemical monster rags. Remember, there is really nothing new under the sun. Strength building methods can enhance size building (such as Westside), and alot of strength training has components of hypertophy training installed in them.
Several of the concepts involved are Intensity (Art Jones momentary muscular failure vs the percentage of maximum model used by most athletic coaches), Rest/Pause (Mentzer and the Lifters from York in the 40’s), and Extreme Stretching (Kind of rehashing Parillo’s stuff).
They have a dietary protocol that involves high protein (1.5 to 2 grams per lb of BW), no evening carbs, ample water, and so on.

There is a Blog that introduces these concepts. They also link to the forum where you get expert advice from the inventors of DoggCrapp. Use your own judgement, read with an open mind, and absorb what is useful.


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