I will keep this short and to the point. I just finished watching 3 dvds of Dan John. The product is called, “Intervention”. Buy it. Trade in your car to buy it. Sell your pillow cases and buy it. It is simply that good.

I’ve long been a fan of Dan John’s material. His “in the pits” mentality laced with serious humor is already worth its weight in gold. However, this product, “Intervention”, surpasses all of his previous products which are very solid and can stand on their own. However they pale in comparison to this achievement.

I’d like to notify those who should buy this product.
1. Strength Coaches
2. High School Coaches
3. NFL Coaches
4. Track and Field Coaches
5. Pilates Instructors
6. Zumba Instructors. [OK, that was a joke. NO one takes Zumba instructors seriously}
7. HIT Jedi’s
8. TRX buffs
9. LEO/Military
10. Personal Trainers
I think that covers plenty of ground. You simply need this product. While Dan can teach you personally and add words of wisdom and offer distinction… this material is SO much better. Rather than clever stories of anecdote or programs written in old Strength and Health,.. Dan connects the dots and leverages it into a matrix of understanding, diagnosis and application. This is literally like Moses getting the tablets.
I’ll go out on a limb here. Buy “Intervention” and buy “Beyond Bodybuilding”. Those two books will take you further than all the ebooks, strength forums and “inner circles” on the planet earth.

I am giving this THREE thumbs up. I actually grew another arm as a response to this material. It’s so enjoyable and makes such sense, you will be asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The answer of course is YOU ARE NOT DAN JOHN. For the rest of us in the fitness business, we live off the crumbs from Dan John’s table. He is like the Tom Jones of Strength.

Get Tough
Get Hard.

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