When the guys who have “been there and done that” decide to take a shot at you,…you hope they will be kind. They aren’t. They are truthful. Here is what they said about Concrete Conflict and Conditioning.

“In Tom Furman’s “Concrete Conflict and Conditioning”, his years of martial arts and athletic experience are demonstrated in numerous drills and exercises.

On the “conditioning” section, Tom’s shoulder flexibility is amazing, and he shows you how to develop your own. In addition, the exercises for your fingers, knees, and hips, were very beneficial.

The “conflict” section was also very cool. The silat-based stuff, which I hadn’t seen before, looked very painful. The joint locking techniques, while familiar, were presented in a unique
way as well, more along the lines of classical Japanese jujitsu than the Brazilian, but still from Silat. (Which, when presented by Tom, just goes to show the universality of martial arts techniques.)

Another nice benefit was Tom’s rather dry sense of humor, which shines through. Highly recommended.”

Shaun Schuyler
Littleton, CO

From the Warrior Talk Forum-

“I have recently bought Concrete Conflict and Conditioning and highly recommend it. The exercises are geared entirely to a combatives perspective, and stress strength of joints, especially in the shoulders, hips, knees and back. The exercises are explained and demonstrated in a clear, easy to follow manner, and then later the viewer is shown the martial or combatives applicability. This is a unique DVD- nothing quite like it on the market, as far as I know. Furman must have trained under Pavel Tsatsouline, but the exercises are quite different from most of Pavel’s work. I’m looking forward to future DVDs from Tom Furman, whom I have never met or trained under.”

I viewed CC yesterday in several sittings.

Excellent piece of work.
I like a couple of exercises in particular, knee drops(pivotting lunge), stickwalks and the hip flexor work.
I will be adding in those 3 to improve my game. I have used knee drops in the past, they are a great way to increase punching power, while the hip flexor work i can see improving kicking power.

This is a well made dvd with a lot of SE Asain influence, silat particularly. The dvd set is not in a studio, but in a park and a backyard. While Tom is in shorts and tshirt. This gives an indication of the realistic approach this dvd sets. There are numerous combative exercises, with some exercises designed for injury prevention.

If your conditioning knowledge is beginning or intermediate level this is a must have dvd which links a lot of principles of various strength and conditioning literature as well as proven but little known exercises. Thus your learning curve to workout transfer will be short and fastidious.

If you are an advanced study on these things, most of it will be a rehashed version of concepts or exercises you have seen. Sadly I was aware of many of these exercises.
BUT you will learn at least a couple of new exercises that you will not have seen. The exercises are designed to improve your combat ability and injury prevention.

I am not a huge kb fan, as they are not available at the gym I workout at, but I will definately add a couple of exercises designed in this dvd to be done with kb, and use the available db.

0 -100 scale, 90-100 = A
Professionalism – 85: park setting, tshirt and shorts that had no coorelation to Toms company or each other
Content- 93: excellent exercises, multitude of exercises, excellent format, menu confused me for a minute,
Definite buy for the majority of people into martial arts and conditioning, unless you’re a diehard reader of blogs, strength literature, and Siff / Zatsiorsky.
I will be looking foward to more releases by Tom Furman, his blogs are full of information on a variety of issues.”

And from the Yashai Warcraft Discussion Board-
I really enjoyed the DVD, lots of great content that I could relate to.
Great expression of core work out with a martial arts spin(in a good way).
There are plenty of exercises and flexibility stuff that I have not seen or thought of doing that I will try to incorporate into my workouts.
Nice tiger style silat postures and exercises to strengthen legs and add flexibility.
The application of the work out overlapped well with the martial arts aspects he is trying to get across, (we use different muscles and joints in a conflict situation).

The instruction is very detailed and stresses proper body mechanics.
Techniques are shown from multiple angles.
Good use of time.
Liked the menus and logo(kris through the kettle bell)(menus worked properly)

Would recommend this DVD to anyone, especially if you enjoy working out and/or martial arts!
Thanks Tom, good job!
John Brown

Hey Tom,

I got to watch your dvd yesterday. Excellent job.

The exercises taught are perfect for warcraft strength \ flexibility and application. I learned a lot. I also learned that I’m no where near as flexible as you!
I found the demo’s to be both practical and easily understood. You teach well my friend.

I highly recommend Tom’s dvd to everybody — martial artist or not.
Blaise Loong


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