“Your post is correct in the fact that all types of training overlap somewhat. However, when you equate long term strength gain to hypertrophy, I think your wrong. Chakarov back squats 700+ lbs, ass to the floor (and I mean WAY below what would be considered powerlifting legal) with a close stance, no knee wraps, no belt, and no spotters. He doesn’t even get psyched up. He just steps under the bar and does it. I’ve seen him carrying on a conversation while deep in the hole with over 600lbs on his back. He weighs about 200lbs, stands about 5′ 10″ tall, and has thin legs. The kind of legs where regular Levis 501 jeans would be loose. This is a long term adaptation to strength and power training if there ever was one. There is no bodybuilder, no matter how big their legs, who can squat with him. Training for neural adaptation and SELECTIVE hypertrophy is indeed different in its effects than general hypertrophy training, in both the short and long term.”

-Glenn Pendley

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