Ever since I saw “The Losers” in 1970 at Wexford Starlite Drive In in Wexford, Pennsylvania, I was impressed by actor William Smith. Many will recognize him as “Falconetti” from “Rich Man, Poor Man”. Others as a cowboy star, biker, bare knuckle brawler, bodybuilder, armwrestling champion, linguist, boxing champion, and more. He is a multi-talented man who always represented that hard edge. He impressed a young, Arnold Schwarzenegger by beating him at armwrestling. Arnold later gave him a role in “Conan the Barbarian” as his father. Or as Bill Smith said, “Ah yes, Conan…..The Riddle of Steel!”
Here is the Internet Movie Database biography on him. It is a vast set of accomplishments. IMDb
Here also is a fan page. It requires some careful navigation. Fan Page

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