“But you have to be durable. REAL durable. Most ain’t”. — Actor William Smith as Jack Wilson in “Any Which Way You Can”

 This book dives into allowing motion, improving motion and making sure the body can tolerate those motions. It is full of information new and old, gleaned from modern science and ancient martial arts, anecdote and experience. A contemporary approach to old school training with all of the benefits and none of the abuse, devoted to real world strength and resilience for the long haul. — author, Tom Furman

“Even as someone who normally rolls his eyes at the mention of things like “mobility work” or “dynamic activation,” I have to confess that Bamboo Gods Iron Men & Rubber Bands piqued my interest right from the first page. I particularly appreciated the thoughtful rationale and practical applications. This book is a deep dive — very meaty and thought-provoking. If you’re interested in training for the long haul, Tom Furman has more than a few pearls for you in his latest offering.”
Charles Staley, www.TargetFocusFitness.com

“Bamboo Gods, Iron Men & Rubber Bands – Tom Furman has been training and studying movement and the science of exercise longer than most current “trainers” have been alive. His new book “Bamboo Gods, Iron Men and Rubber Bands” is a book for all of us – the elite athlete who wants to stay healthy and mobile, the beginner who wants to work their way to the top and the everyday person who wants to stay fit and durable for a lifetime.
This book is an encyclopedia of stretching, mobilization drills and movements that will get you and keep you strong and durable – for the long haul. Easy to read and understand, Tom breaks down what to do for each body part; and how and why to do it. It’s nice to see things organized so well.
This is a book that’s been needed to be written for a long time. It blurs the edges between stretching, mobilizing, strengthening and pre habilitation using classic, almost forgotten movements as well as newly minted approaches that work equally as well.
No body part is left out; from the toes and feet to the all-important but usually neglected neck.
The goal is better movement across the board regardless of your training method of choice. And the approach is decidedly ‘Old School’.
He doesn’t spoon feed you a “program” but gives you a template to make your own. A dangerous approach these days when everybody wants to be told exactly what to do every step of the way but Tom knows the only way to keep in the game is to learn to not only listen to your body but know the answers to its questions. This book has many of the answers.
Stretching is out of fashion these days, replaced with the latest buzzword “mobility”. But someone forgot to tell all the top level gymnasts, martial artists, dancers and other athletes who don’t worry about such distinctions and move as they need to get their job done, including fixing little dings before they become big problems.
Drawing from his many years of training in wrestling, barbell work, martial arts, kettlebells, years of hard physical work in the movie industry and from almost as many years as a trainer and coach, this book belongs in every serious athlete and coaches library. He knows what works and what doesn’t and doesn’t mince words about how to achieve the goal of being able to move well and strongly for all of your life. Doing it is up to you. But once you get this book you can’t say you didn’t know what to do.”

–Mark Reifkind, Master SFG Instructor, www.GiryaStrength.com

“I have long been a fan of Tom Furman’s contemporary approach to old school training, all of the benefits but with none of the abuse. BG, IM & RB reflects my own journey, going full circle, back to timeless principles and methods, but with all the knowledge and experience that’s been accumulated along the way. This is a rare book, focused on skillful, pain-free movement, rooted in real world strength and long haul health. BG, IM & RB is presented in a logical, progressive way, with scalable progressions and an emphasis on resilience and it’s an excellent approach for anyone interested in the timeless quest to move with ease and imagination.”
–Rannoch Donald, www.SimpleStrength.com

“Bamboo Gods, Iron Men & Rubber Bands –This is an excellent book. Devoid of bullshit, blank space and filler. Instead, it is crammed full of information new and old gleaned from modern science and ancient martial arts practice, anecdote and experience. If you wish to train long and hard into your twilight years, listen to Tom. This is his best work on the subject to date. I’ll be stealing from it. You should too.”
–Dave Hedges, www.WG-Fit.com

“I grew up in the 70’s watching the show “The Great American Hero”. Plotline was simple: average joe finds a superhero outfit that gives him superpowers, but the manual is lost. He has no way of tapping into the powers given to him but by accident. In the modern day, “Bamboo Gods, Iron men & Rubber Bands” is the manual that we have been looking for all that time! This is exactly what we need to access the durability, longevity and tenacity that we need to endure a long time in the forge. The book is chock full of what I call “V-8 mo- ments” -those kind where you slap your forehead at how they could be so simple yet so profound. I am a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. I am in my late 40’s. I train with guys in their 20’s. I work at a small college. I am surrounded by youth. I look better and perform better than 90% of the population I am surrounded by. Your work is the “secret sauce”. Thank you for inspiring me to train for life!”
–Tim Morenz, Black Belt, Gracie Barra. Director of Counseling Services, Blackburn College


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