Andrew Read is one of those cool guys that tries something, runs into obstacles, then figures out a better way around them. He’s been an athlete and martial artist most of his life. I don’t feel like typing out his resume, because it is thorough and rich with texture. The most important thing is his new book, “Taming the Beast”. This has little to do with animal training or bouncing in a bar. It’s about performing three exercises, the pistol, the pullup and the overhead press. If that doesn’t sound like not too much of a challenge, the fun part is doing it with 48 kilo kettlebell for men and a 24 kilo kettlebell for ladies. That means hoisting 106 lbs or 53 lbs, respectively in those three movements. That is not average by any means. It should not be confused with power lifting, Olympic lifting or GS [kettlebell sport]. It’s a unique invention of Pavel Tsatsouline and is kind of an acid test of his methodology.

There are very few people who accomplish this. Andrew Read is one of them. So rather than give you some vague idea, such as, “I trained REAL hard!”, Andrew lays it out. He lays it out EXTREMELY WELL.  He covers every nook and cranny toward this goal and cites many, many, many, resources. That’s the beauty of this book, Andrew does the work for you. Simply listen to what he has to say, do the work… and you will be so much further ahead. He even has interviews of former “Beast Challenge” agents. You can forget about contrasting opinion and focus on the incredible similarities of their methods.

So if you have lofty goals and want mad skills that the average person will never approach.. Buy this book. Very good. I look for more material from Andrew.. He’s the real deal. Click the book cover below and buy it now.

 Beast Tamer How to Master the Ultimate Russian Kettlebell Strength Challenge


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