So the Dean of Bodyweight and Bar, Al Kavadlo has moved into the realm of mobility and flexibility. So you are wondering, “Why another flexibility book?”. Yes, I thought the same thing, but then I realize that everyone has their own take, viewpoint, life experience and communication method. While the material is similar the filters are different. Much like in martial arts, and spaghetti, the difference is in the sauce.

So what happens when Al puts pen to paper and shows up with a photo crew in isolated urban areas looking the illustrated man? The answer, a very artistically designed book that is organized and not boring. Between costume changes and investments in ink, Al relates how his Father’s yoga practice influenced him. So while the normal distractions of youth like high school sports are enough of a diversion for most people, Al was influenced by his own life experience rather than taking a yoga book from the library and mimicking the photos.

What is unique about this book is not so much the stretching exercises, but their alignment with the Street Workout Drills and stunts. If your body is lacking in a specific range of motion you will never optimize leverage and be able to build strength, working towards more challenging drills. It’s like a powerlifter who has shoulder tightness affecting his holding the bar for squats. His legs are not the limiting mechanism, the range of motion and pain in his shoulders are.

Al’s stretching makes you more flexible but more importantly, it optimizes your joint’s range of motion that can be accessed during Bar and Ground drills. Then as your flexibility increases you are backing up that range of motion with Street Workout routines. Passive flexibility without strength can lead to injuries and this book communicates that very well.

So I’m impressed with the quality and honesty of Al’s material. He’s done three books and they all stand out for their organization, vivid graphic design, creative wardrobe and clear communication style. They are worthwhile additions to your library.

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