I am about to alert you to a deadly chemical in our midst. This subject has been brought up many times before, but I believe a covert, mysterious, campaign by the Organic industry, Big Supplement, Big Charity, Functional Medicine, Alternative Medicine and Natural Health websites have squashed it. They remove links in the middle of the night and threaten the sources. I have no evidence, but I have a gut feeling.

First off, I understand the elemental chart. I don’t need evidence or lab coats to dictate to ME, a fitness blogger who is out in the real world, doing real things, with real people and getting real world results. I am smarter than lab coats, I have better hair than lab coats and I’m obviously funnier than lab coats. Remember, all evidence on PubMed is bought and paid for, falsified or in some way controlled by “the man”. Who can you believe? Believe me. I have a bigger resume and more popular blog than those other guys. I alone have grown a set of stones big enough to be right about this.

To show you the deadly nature of this substance, let us go over the body count. Morbid, but real.

– In 1975, 171,000 people died from this substance in one night. Link

– Inhalation of this substance is the leading cause of death for children under 12 years in many countries. Link

– This substance is so powerful many cities will be wiped out in 100 years from it’s effects. Link

That’s the big, scary, news. Here are some facts that will open your eyes.

This substance –

– Can cause severe burns

– Is found in cancer tumors

– Is used in animal research

– Found in junk food

– It’s use in the nuclear industry is well known

– Caused an “estimated 234,094 nonfatal injuries in the U.S. in 2008 among people at least 15 years old, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported online Thursday in its weekly Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. And the injury rate rises with age.”

This substance is used by food supplement manufacturers, organic restaurants, grocery stores and both Western & Eastern based physicians.

Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison were known users of this substance. Bruce Lee also used this substance. In fact every death on the planet has at least a loose association with the subject having at some time, used this substance.

Even the Environmental Protection Agency is in on the cover up. Link

Long term exposure to this item is 100% deadly. Everyone who has come into contact with it eventually dies. When placed in a microwave, this substance begins to bubble.

[Note about microwave ovens. NO amount of radiation is acceptable. Never go in the sun, EVER. Throw out your toaster. The toaster changes the molecular structure of English Muffins into a brown/black substance. Need I say more?]

As part of a government plot in the 1950’s, machines were installed in public areas that distributed this substance for free. The Government urged us to consume it! Now they have gotten more clever. The put it in odd shaped bottles and sell it at a price higher than gasoline in natural food stores and gas stations next to those handy fat burners.

What can you do? Sign a petition against it. In fact many Americans have already. Here is a quote from some researchers.

“A similar study conducted by U.S. researchers Patrick K. McCluskey and Matthew Kulick also found that nearly 90 percent of the citizens participating in their study were willing to sign a petition to support an outright ban on the use of XXXXXXXX in the United States.” Link


So, what is this substance? Why haven’t you heard about it? I have two words, COVER UP. There are groups in power that control the world. They could be Lizard People, they could be Illuminati. I think it’s tied in with the Federal Reserve/Monsanto/Gluten Axis of Evil.

The substance is Dihydrogen Monoxide. It’s all around you, it’s deadly and no one is doing anything about it. 

So what is dihydrogen monoxide? It’s WATER. Yes. That’s right. I’m glad you are informed, enjoy your day.

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